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Waste of time for Canadians. Does not give local Canadian stations. Like CBC Radio 2, or the jewel.

Crashes !!

On Demand button causes immediate closure of app. It didnt do this at first. Now I see that others had same issue. Previous review was 5 stars. Please fix this. This is a good app if there are not continuing critical bugs.

GREAT! (Sometimes buggy)

Easiest app to use for NPR if you want to listen to a multitude of stations live AND for on demand playing of your favorite shows. If it fails on you, delete it and redownload. This has fixed mine twice in the seven years Ive used this. :-)

The best public radio app has problems

I have used all public radio apps and this one is by far the best live interface and it is easy to get on demand podcasts from PRI , NPR etc. However it recently just started to freeze and quit and it can not stay on a station, even though I have re-installed a numder of times- sadly have to give 1 star, When bugs are fixed I will give it 5 plus.

Great app! Love the play/pause.

Finally an app which can truly pause the live audio. All other apps just stop and I miss part of the program. Plus it is great not having any ads popup on the screen!

Hard to See How This Could Have Been Better

Public Radio App allows you to listen to NPR programs streamed in real time or to listen to archived versions of any program broadcast on NPR. So, what more can one possibly ask?!

Nice idea, but buggy

The app worked great for a few days, and then I added 47 public radio stations, and then it bogged down. It would no longer show the listings of any station. It would play for a few minutes, and then just quit, throwing me back to my home screen. So I deleted all but my "favorite" station, and the problem remained. Now its time for me to delete the app, and consider it a $3 charitable contribution to public radio.

Sleep Timer labels confusing

Great Public Radio app. Changes to Sleep timer are confusing so minus one .Support is good and they said it would be changed in next revision. Best Public Radio app I have.

Great idea. Poor execution.

Function rich. Deadly slow. Buffering needs improvement. Connections drop too often.

Great App

This app has become my faithful companion for listening to public radio stations and podcasts. I have all of my favorite stations listed on the first screen, super easy to access. If I hear a great story I just send a bookmark of it to my friends, or I can save it for myself to listen to again later. I did have one problem early on, but I sent an email from the app and it was fixed right away.

Great App

This is a great app. Its simple to use and straight-forward in its controls. I love being able to listen to any public radio station in the country wherever I am in the country! And its clear -- no radio interference with mountains or physical terrain.

Pretty good but needs tweaks

Def worth it for NPR freaks like Me but needs two major fixes: restart after ending incoming call and 2...Pepping up to refresh list to add stations. Seems as tho when u want to add a station now it hangs on refreshing station listing. Zzzzzzzzzzzz



needs updating

This is a terrific app -- my favorite for radio streaming. However, the developers need to update for multitasking. We paid for this app and trust that the developers will provide updates in a timely fashion. Come on folks, lets get going.

Best Public Radio App now OS4 ready

This app allows access to a much wider variety of public radio content than the other apps. Full featured intuitive interface works great. Thanks Listener-Interactive.

So far so good!

Ive used this a little bit since installing it yesterday - seems MUCH better than the free NPR apps. Much more stable, better sound quality. Good selection of stations, easy to use. Seems to work faily well with 3G (buffer emptied once - hopefully thats not going to be a regular issue - will update later). Havent used it with wifi yet.

Solid performer

Has more on demand and background playing.

Good but not great

This is so much better then the freebee that Ive used up to now but I find that once you have a few stations listed, its a bit annoying scrolling up and down to click on your favorites. It works in slow motion and if you dont scroll perfectly, it will scroll left to right which shows you station programs by time of day. Again, though once listening, the app works well, the process could definitly be improved.


This "APP" was a BIG waste of $3.00! The free Public Radio App is exceedingly better-Has more options, structure and HAS VIDEO!!! Try it and compare and youll be happy you get so much more FOR FREE!!!

PAUSE live stream is a great feature

The thing I like about this app (I have all the public radio apps) is that it has PAUSE for the live stream. Everything else just stops the stream and I miss what I was listening to. With this app, I can pause the stream, take my call and pick it back up. Also the rewind feature is nice if I didnt quite catch it the first time.

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